As of the 5th October 2018 the childcare voucher scheme has closed for parents to join, however childcare providers can enrol to accept vouchers and employers looking to move their existing schemes can set up an account.

If you have previously been a member of the scheme you can log-in to your account and re-join by going to the My Vouchers page, provided that:

  1. You re-join within 12 months of previously being in the scheme e.g. if you left the scheme in May 2018 you would need a salary sacrifice payroll deduction by April 2019.
  2. You have never been in the TFC scheme

If you select your benefits through your employer's benefits site, you will only be able to re-join through that site.

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Please be advised username reminder emails can take up to 30 minutes to be reach you. Please also check your junk folder.

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